Lady Bruce the Iguana

I have loved following the antics of my friends Iguana on social media.

I never knew that Iguanas had so much personality. I love that the she a lady Iguana named Bruce (found to be a girl after naming). I also never knew that they look like they are smiling when sleeping. They are actually really cute which is never something I never thought you could use a term of description for a lizard, but Bruce looks like an awesome pet!

I am currently building up my animal and pet portrait section of my portfolio at the moment. As I have been so amused by the antics of Lady Bruce the princess and diva, I thought it might be nice to do a portrait of a less traditional animal than the usual cat or dog. A portrait of an exotic pet. I love how animals can have such massive personality and I love to try to capture it.

Instead of doing a picture in traditional style usually used for pet portraits (Oil Acrylic or watercolour styles). I decided to draw Bruce in a pen and coloured pencil a more different fun sort of picture. similar in style to my Children’s book illustrations. It’s important to suit the medium to the subject. Here below is Bruce’s portrait. She is looking very pretty!

Bruce the Iguana

A typical day in the life of Bruce.

Sleeping she looks so cute!

Bruce likes to accessorize

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