Honey the Dog

I’ve not been able to post for a while due to a lack of technology with a broken laptop but I am glad to have it fixed and to be able to post again. It was Valentines last Saturday I have been happily working on a pet portrait for a friend as a gift for her husband. I have loved painting it, as something new for me and a challenge as I have never painted a labrador before. I think they are adorable dogs so much personality, affectionate, loyal and always seem to look like they are smiling.



I also painted another painting for this friend last year as a wedding present to her and her husband of their Honeymoon location in the Maldives, to give them a memento to always remember their happy memories by.


The Maldives

The Maldives looks beautiful I would love to go their one day and dive into the clear Ocean.

A future painting project will be travel landscape paintings. I adore to travel but unfortunately am very much limited by a lack of funds. I do have a bit of a case of wanderlust though, there are far to many places I want to go, see and experience. I am going to do a series of paintings of amazing places I would like to go to. So even if I can’t afford to go I can at least enjoy painting and looking at the view!


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