I’m not scared!

No new completed art yet this week as I am still working very hard to finish some ongoing commissions. So I am posting this week about an old piece I made a while ago. So please keep updated though here soon if you wish to see some new work.

When I was studying Art I did a course at a University on Narrative Illustration. It cemented by interest and love for storybook illustration. We were given briefs to make storyboards surrounding a story, to illustrate a phrase, a famous book cover in our own interpretation, children’s books and even to illustrate a poem.

Below is the brief from one of the projects we had to do. To illustrate our interpretation of a famous poem.

image3(1)I absolutely love the work of Mary Angelou an amazing American author, poet, dancer, actress, and singer. She sadly died last year which is certainly a great loss to the world. I really love this poem so really threw myself into this project at the time. As creative person I have naturally always been susceptible to an overactive imagination which can be in many ways a blessing and a curse.


This poem makes me think about childhood and the times when you your imagination is at its most prevalent. As you learn about the world you become scared of the dark and almost everything. Every creaky floor board, every toy you think may have learnt to move, monsters under the bed, nightmares, ghosts you name it.

I adore this poem so much because the girl in it is so brave. It is about her facing up to all her fears with supreme bravery and shoeing them away. When you think about life you are only really confined by the walls you build yourself and that means fear. We may have been scared of the monsters in the bed under the bed as a child but it ultimately this same concept fear that confines us controls, us, stops us leaving our comfort zone and stops moving forward as adults.

My interpretaiton of the Poem

My interpretation of the Poem

I love how the girl in the this poem is defying all these fears and ‘saying boo to them’ ‘shoeing them away’. She is defying fear which is what makes it wonderful. The girl in is saying she can do anything she wants to as long as she has her magic charm. This poem has a powerful meaning as an adult too about fear and how we should try to not be afraid of anything, we do all need our own metaphorical magic charms to get through life a times.

This poem is also slightly autobiographical in meaning to me. When I was a child scared of ‘the monsters under the bed’ my brother gave my an object that he told me was a magic protection charm given from my Nan.


My ‘Magic charm’

My Nan has since very sadly passed, but I do treasure this object and yes it did have the desired psychological effect of making all the monsters and nightmares of a child’s imagination at night time go away. I stopped feeling afraid at bedtime just like the girl in the poem.


Here is my interpretation of the poem for this illustration project. Rubbish photo I am afriad and my drawing skills have improved a bit since as I made it many years ago. I am afraid the pictures really damaged from being screwed up at the bottom of a wardrobe too.


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