update… I have moved to Hong Kong!

 I have Moved to Hong Kong!

I am sorry in the delay in updating this. I have had problems logging in with my laptop and it doesn’t seem to upload any pictures of new art. Also life has been so crazy busy I haven’t had much free time recently. I am hoping things may start to quieten down and a can enjoy creating new art and being inspired again.


So my last update
I was in rural Wiltshire enjoying the rural life….


However I had always wanted to travel it was a dream and an ambition of mine that felt to a degree unfilled. I was aware of impending milestones and how you should never have unfulfilled dreams. I have always had itchy feet and wonderlust. So I accepted a oppertunaty to live and work in Hong Kong.


So here I am Four Months into my stay here. Work has been very busy. I have moved forward, and am really starting to know my way around here. The getting lost all the time is getting less.

I have met some awesome people.11825218_10156059613335157_4350294290324453810_n

I have been going out lots trying to meet people it’s entirely normal here to do ‘friendship dating’ it would seem bizarre in the uk going on meetup type websites and meeting strangers for a drink it has been a great way to meet some new people here for me, and it has certainly kept me busy.

whenever I feel like lonely in a big new city where I moved without at first knowing anyone, I just make sure I get out there and go meet some new people and try new experiences. Being outside of your comfort zone is the best way to grow.


I have missed being creative I find drawing the best way to chill you can just turn your strain of consciousness off and relax. Moving internationally can be stressful, I have missed doodling as an outlet to chill out.

My living situation at first was very tiny. I expected yes its Hong Kong etc to be living somewhere small but I came here to live in what could be generously described as a cupboard. where the floor space was less than a square metre, a kettle/kitchen inside my wardrobe and having to jump onto my bed to close my door.

However luckily I have now moved to new place, my own studio bedroom. Yes its small but basically because I have enough room for a desk so I am happy.


I  Hong Kong doesn’t seem to be that big on the arts scene there are galleries and exhibitions and event events going on, but you do have to source them out. Also the main art museum I was so excited to go to has been closed for a three-year period of renovation.

However sourcing out art and exhibitions and interesting cultural sites will give me something to experience and explore. There has been an arts festival (missed it oops) also i have found some sites about galleries here which I will keep posted.


My thoughts o Hong Kong so far…

It is a  vibrant, busy and lively place to be. There are always interesting places to go and see I love sightseeing on my days off seeing beautiful parks, gardens and temples. The nightlife is good and shopping is everywhere although you can get a bit sick of to many designer shops everywhere if they are like me out of your budget.

There is a surprising amount of beautiful scenery here that I didn’t expect mountains, lovely beaches and places you can go for a hike. Now the weather is cooler I am hoping to explore even more. The weather was very humid when I first got here and it has taken me some time to acclimatize. I am going to try my best to keep this my art blog and not turn it just all about travel. I need incentive to keep being inspired!11215118_10156233829140157_9220137575540346034_n11246591_10156059660255157_4665640429291560477_n

Anyway leading up to my move I was super busy I stopped taking on commissions as I knew with packing and selling loads of my crap on eBay. I did just a few I did for friends before I left the uk. unfortunately it wouldn’t let me upload them on here i will post as soon as working properly on here.

Posting more new art, discoveries, exhibitions and any new experiences soon.




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